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"If I'm not back at the home by nine they declare me legally dead and collect my insurance!"

Season 03 Quotes

Here are some highlight quotes. Check the episode guide for a complete list of quotes by episode.

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Season Episode Quote
Season 03 8F17

Grampa: "Hey, the dogs dead."

Bart: "Grampa, he's not dead."

Homer: "Dad, you shouldn't say the Dog's dead when he's not."

Lisa: "It's not fair to toy with peoples emotions like that."

Grampa: "He is dead. I'll get a shovel."

Marge: "Well he's not dead but he is awfully sick."

Grampa:"Oh sure, the old man's off his rocker. If Grampa says he's dead he must be alive."

Lisa: "He is alive, he's wagging his tail."

Grampa: "That's only nothing. Dogs wag their tails for hours after they die. I'm tired of this conversation. Let's talk about something else. I'm going home."